Saturday, 9 April 2011

News Story: Mysterious light spotted during Japan earthquake

Yahoo! NewsWritten by Orlando ParfittA mysterious flashing light was captured on video over Japan as yet another earthquake hit the beleaguered country on Thursday, but what was it?See video of light

The footage clearly shows a ball of light pulsing for around eight seconds on the
in Tokyo during the aftershock.

It registered 7.1 on the Richter scale and struck 40 miles east of Sendai along the
same fault line as last month's quake.

We take a look at several theories as to what could have caused the bizarre
phenomenon, from the plausible to the wacky, and get some insight from an
expert seismologist.

Earthquake light

The most widely circulating explanation is that this was an 'earthquake light' -
literally a light that appears in the sky during times of seismic activity.

There have been a number of recorded instances of these - at Kalapana in 1975,
L'Aquilla in 2009 and Chile in 2010 - but the phenomenon is not universally
accepted in the scientific community.

Dr David Robinson, an earthquake researcher at Oxford University, told
Yahoo! News one reason why these might happen.

"The idea is that just before an earthquake, you might get some build up of stress
just prior to the event.

"People have invented all kinds of mechanisms whereby this stress gets released as
an electromagnetic excitation of the upper atmosphere, which can cause things like
lights appearing, similar to the Northern Lights."

The problem with this theory, said Dr Robinson, was that no-one has yet come up
with a plausible reason for why this actually happens. "Anything which is caused
by an unknown mechanism is dubious," he said.

A second issue is that while there have been several recorded instances of
'earthquake lights', they don't happen during every earthquake.

"There are satellites up there that record every thunderstorm that happens on
earth. If you're getting something similar to a flash of lightning during an
earthquake then they're going to measure it, but that's not happening."

There are a couple of other explanations that could explain this though. The
first concerns quartz. When tectonic plates containing the mineral rub against
each other, they create intense electric fields (called piezoelectricity). This could
manifest itself as flashes of light.

A second, tantalizing possibility is these lights could actually predict upcoming
quakes. This theory suggests that before a quake, the ground 'exhales' radon,
which results in light emissions in the atmosphere. Dr Robinson says this is
"clutching at straws" though.

He doesn't rule out earthquake lights, but feels the subject needs more study.

"Just because they can't be explained doesn't necessarily make them not true.
But until anyone comes up with a plausible mechanism it will be on the fringes
of earthquake study."

Electrical explosion

Another possible theory for the burst of light is that it was some kind of
electrical explosion. It's been speculated that the flash was an electrical
transformer exploding after being struck by the quake.

During Thursday'squake 3.6million homes in North East Japan area lost power,
traffic signals and road lights also stopped working. 900,000 houses were still
affected on Friday afternoon.

A spokesman for the Tohuku Electric Power Company said six power plants in the
area went down after the tremor and power lines throughout the area were
damaged, making this explanation a possibility.

A US 'superweapon'

We're into the outlandish territory now. Many commentators, including oddball
conspiracy theorist David Icke, have said the footage was evidence of 'Haarp'
(High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program).

Based in Alaska, this weather program was set up by the US Air Force, Navy and
University of Alaska to research the upper atmosphere (the ionosphere) with a view
to improving satellite communication.

Some have speculated that Haarp can physically change weather conditions, and
the project's been blamed for triggering floods, hurricanes, droughts, the earthquakes
in Haiti and Pakistan and even Gulf War Syndrome. Mind control is another one of
its supposed capabilities.

Suffice to say the events in Japan have also been attributed to this 'superweapon' -
with former governor of Minnesota and pro-wrestler Jesse Ventura telling Piers
Morgan recently:

"The US's HAARP weapon system can cause natural disasters, including
earthquakes and tsunamis like the one that happened in Japan."


Whenever grainy handheld footage of a glowing light in the sky surfaces, it's only a
matter of time before it's held up as evidence of UFOs. This video is no exception.

A quick YouTube search reveals a spate of alien sightings in the build up to the
Japan earthquake, with little green men spotted above Kyoto and the Sakurajima
Volcano. Even Chinese news agency Xinyua reported UFOs flying over Mount Fuji
in February.

An alien spacecraft was also spotted during recent Japanese news coverage of the
Earthquake, but this was later confirmed to be a helicopter.

Friday, 8 April 2011

The Religion of Science

The Times published an article yesterday called Astronomer faces fellow scientists' wrath after accepting £1 million religious prize. (7 Apr 11)

The astrophysicist in question, Lord Rees of Ludlow, the former Astronomer Royal, a self-confessed atheist (which of course does NOT preclude him from having spiritual beliefs - just not those that have a godhead or god figure of any kind, making him perfectly able to be a Buddhist, for instance, without in any way affecting his atheistic persuasions) was awarded the prize for his contribution to furthering our understanding of nature, the Universe, as well as 'life's spiritual dimension.'

What I did find remarkable was the accompanying commentary by Harry Kroto, a fellow scientist, who criticised Lord Rees for accepting the prize, saying:

'In my view, the Templeton Foundation awards its prize to the most prominent scientist who is prepared to say that they see no conflict between science and religion.'

He goes on to say, and this for me, was the most interesting statement, that:

'...nine out of ten eminent scientists [note - noone lowly within the scientific community, with perhaps less credibility] are atheist-freethinkers [read Richard Dawkins clones] for whom science is primarily about the reliable determination of truth. [my emphasis] For this, evidence is essential, and the conflict between truth (science) and congenital wishful thinking (religion) is an unethical one and irreconcilable.'

Theologians, no doubt, would have a field day with this statement - since when does science have a monopoly on truth?!!! However, this statement brings out into the open what many critics of what has been called the 'religion of science' have long been saying: in the West, we have actually come to believe that this is true.

Not only are there so many ways of thinking and viewing the world, along with different types of intelligences, than logic and cause-and effect or what has been termed 'linear' thinking, but not so long ago, there would have been NO conflict between science and religion. It is only since the so-called 'Enlightenment' that we have been conned into thinking that logic and empiricism = truth.

As Hamlet said to Horatio:

'There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.'
(Hamlet, Act I, Scene 1)

Scientists who continue to perpetuate this philosophy, for that is what it is, fail to realise the hubris in what they say, or the religious fervour with which they say it (oh, the irony!) - and may come to regret it in the coming years when what are now considered to be 'gospel' assumptions about the divisions between the world of spirit and matter begin to unravel (or dissolve, if Neptune in Pisces has anything to do about this!).

As one wise creature said in Ursula Le Guin's fabulous novel, 'The Left Hand of Darkness':

'They say here "all roads lead to Mishnory." To be sure, if you turn your back on Mishnory and walk away from it, you are still on the Mishnory road. To oppose vulgarity is inevitably to be vulgar.'

New earthquake in Japan

A powerful earthquake, measuring 7.1 on the Richter scale, took place yesterday at 11:22pm near Sendai in Japan, close to the centre of the large earthquake which occurred on the 1th of March.

Fortunately this time, there was no subsequent tsunami and fewer casualties or damage to buildings. However, it does suggest that the warning by geologists that another powerful event is likely to occur offshore in the region of Tokyo could well be more likely to happen in the near future.

Strangely, this earthquake took place just as the Moon entered Gemini, which is rather uncanny, as this mirrors events nearly a month earlier. In the first event, the Moon was at 0 degrees Gemini and this time, it was at 1.5 degrees Gemini, so very close. Coincidence or synchronicity?

I am not sure exactly what one can make of this from an astrology point of view - Gemini is an air sign and not really one traditionally associated with the symbolism of earthquakes or natural disasters. Perhaps one could say that, having just traversed the final degree of earth-sign Taurus prior to its Gemini ingress, it may have amplified Taurean energy? Or perhaps, looking at this from a slightly different perspective and say that magnetically or gravitationally, there is something about planetary bodies moving over that particular part of space that tends to upset the tectonic balance of that particular part of the world (though, of course, scientists would have none of this!) I suppose the only way to tell would be to see whether any further events take place when other planets cross that degree. The Sun is due to be at this position on the 21st of May, followed by Mercury on the 2nd/3rd of June. Let's wait and see...

What I can't help remarking on is the fact that the lunar nodes (in late Sagittarius and Gemini) were straddling the Ascendant-Descendant axis with Pluto in the vicinity, as they were during the Chile quake - again, is there anything in this or not?

The ruler of the chart, Jupiter, happened to be in a huddle with several other powerful planets (including the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Uranus, all in Aries), near to the IC, so in cosmological terms, deep underground - perhaps indicative of rumblings and grumblings below the surface?

Pluto, ruler of the underworld, was also making a square to Mars, ruler of Aries, between the first and 3rd houses - a very volatile combination often associated with violence, tyranny and accidents - which is a very apt aspect for such an event.

The Sun was also opposing Saturn, positioned near the midheaven position from below ground - a very strange configuration in a way. The Sun is clearly at its weakest power when at the midnight (as opposed to midheaven) position whilst Saturn, one of the so called malific planets, is very strong, being in Libra - the sign of its exaltation, and in the 10th house - the house it traditionally rules, so also is also a strong omen that the forces of darkness are stronger than those of light. This is symbolically significant for me because in my dissertation, I wrote that Saturn, in both alchemy and ancient astrology, had a very particular relationship with the Sun, and was sometimes referred to as the Black Sun...Hmmm...

Which reminds me, I MUST get round to writing that blog about Saturn and the Japan birthcharts and Hiroshima.

At any rate, what this all means remains to be seen. Let's wait until May before we draw any further conclusions. (How 'scientific' of me!)