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Creating Harmonia between Opposites: Difference, Dialogue and Encounters with the Other

It’s Full Moon in Aries today – one moon phase that is turning out to be particularly intense, but also exceptionally interesting in a number of ways.   On a personal level, it has coincided with a series of synchronicities and developments that have proven to be both affirming and incredibly thought-provoking. First of all, I have become deeply aware of how, in my own life, a large proportion of my intellectual and personal growth has been driven by conflict –   both the internal struggle of trying to reconcile opposing points of view within myself; as well as the tumultuous, often unsettling, emotions stirred up by encounters with people who are either very different to me or with whom I fundamentally disagree. In today’s online world, the art of vigorous debate and respectful disagreement seems to have virtually vanished – there is no middle ground anymore. On social media, we’re inundated by a lot of self-indulgent and often banal opinions (many of them ill-thou

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