New article on Skyscript for Winter Solstice

Deborah Houlding has very kindly agreed to host an article based on my dissertation for the MA programme in Cosmology & Divination at the University of Kent. Those interested can view it using the following link: Given the subject matter - dark solar imagery - the timing - the Sun's ingress into Capricorn on the day of the winter solstice - couldn't be better. Happy winter solstice all! Especially given the unusual Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunction also occurring today. May the shift from dark to light be even more transformational than ever. Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Great article, I'll have to read it again later. Too bad your other articles 'Astrology, Hermeticism and the Ogdoad' and 'Astrology, Cosmology & Geosophy' are not available for download, some of my favorite subjects.

  2. well your Po$t is good and i really like it :). . .awesome WORK . . .KEEP SHARING. .;)

    dissertation introduction

  3. Thanks, guys! Appreciate the feedback!


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